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Tomorrow's Leaders Grow in Tandem

Tandem Friends School is where curious, 5-12年级有创造力的学生变得独立, engaged, and imaginative learners and leaders.

在这里,学生们被赋予了探索自己爱好的权力, make their own choices, 在他们对知识的追求和对世界的贡献中找到意义.  

这是一个富有同情心、包容的社区,扎根于 Quaker values and distinguished by a progressive, purposed-based education

Here, 在夏洛茨维尔蓝岭山麓31英亩的校园里, Virginia, teachers and students collaborate in the learning process; academic excellence is knowledge-oriented, not achievement-oriented; and every student is encouraged to embrace their inner light of wisdom.   

当您加入Tandem Friends School大家庭时,您将建立真正的终身联系. 串联lol菠菜竞猜app团队很高兴能帮助你开始你的故事. 

TFS有一个长期和优秀的传统,致力于 creative arts, experiential education, service-learning, and social justice. 

lol菠菜竞猜app相信,当年轻人被赋予自由, and the responsibility, 在他们的教育和社区中发挥积极作用, they can become their boldest selves - and they can change the world. 

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lol菠菜竞猜app不歧视的基础上的种族, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, 或者在教育政策管理方面的年龄, hiring policies, admissions policies, scholarship or loan programs, 或者运动项目和其他学校管理的项目.
Application Timeline (2023-2024 Cycle) 

当应用程序清单上的所有项目都已完成时,应用程序被视为完成. Questions? Contact the Admissions Office at mlymanbias@tomographica.com.

September 1st


December 15th 

入学申请和经济援助申请的优先截止日期-已完成的申请已审查, 家庭在1月15日至2月15日之间通知入学和经济援助决定

January 15th

入学和经济援助申请的常规截止日期-已完成的申请已被审查, 家庭通知2月15日至3月15日关于录取和经济援助决定

March 15th


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